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Are you always tinkering with objects? Do people ask for your help with fixing mechanical things? Look into becoming a plumber! Plumbers do much more than fix sinks and toilets in residential homes. They design and install piping systems that distribute water and remove waste from buildings, and connect heating and cooling systems. Plumbers have to be knowledgeable in water distribution, blueprint reading, local ordinances and regulations, mathematics, mechanical drawing, physics, welding and soldering.

AVERAGE STARTING HOURLY WAGE: $14.00 – $17.00 + Benefits


EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES: 2-year Technical Degree or Registered Apprenticeship

Plumber Career Paths

Southeast Technical College

Mechanical Systems/Plumbing Technology

Plumbing/Mechanical Systems Technicians install and repair pipes carrying liquids or gases. Pipes and fixtures are necessary in homes to carry water for drinking and sanitation, and in industrial settings to move chemicals.

Southeast Tech's diploma program teaches residential and commercial projects, service calls, building codes, blueprint reading, tool usage and pipe-fitting techniques. Your work might include other duties, such as: 

  • Preparing cost estimates 
  • Conducting pressure tests 
  • Troubleshooting systems 
  • Replacing worn parts 
  • Determining job materials needed

After completing your diploma at Southeast Tech, you’ll be in demand as a plumbing apprentice. You can obtain a journeyman’s license after 7,600 hours of plumbing experience and Southeast Tech's program gets you started with one year of training. Click here for more information!

Start Today SD

Apprenticeships in South Dakota

The vision from Day 1 has been to provide South Dakota businesses a proactive strategy to engage individuals in their communities, improve their skills set, and fill workforce needs. Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) provide employers a proven business model to develop fully trained employees. Click here for more information!

Western Dakota Technical College

Plumbing Technology

Plumbers evaluate, install, and repair piping systems in businesses, residences, and other places where there are pipes or septic systems. Demand for workers is high because there are not enough skilled technicians to fill all the available positions.


Our Plumbing program will give you the experience and skills you need to be a successful Plumber. We use lab simulations and real-life scenarios to put classroom theory into practice. We cover soft skills so you can tackle customer service and employee accountability with confidence. Our program is designed to give you the core competencies employers are looking for. These include troubleshooting, problem-solving, customer service, and professional skills in addition to technical Plumbing skills. Graduates of our program enter the Plumbing industry as quality, well-trained entry-level plumbers. Click here for more information!