The construction industry is the nation’s largest single industry employing more people and contributing more money to America’s bottom line than any other single industry. And with the need for new schools, hospitals, housing and other commercial buildings only going up, the industry is going to need more and more quality workers to get all of the work done. From skilled trade workers to designers and management positions to support staff, permanent, well-paying construction careers exist in all areas of the industry. Careers in the construction industry can be divided into four general categories: Skilled Trades, Management, Administration and Professional Support, and Design and Engineering. Explore the various job opportunities within each category. Click on the following links to find out what each job entails, what you’ll need to know to jump-start your own career and to see how much you could earn from a career in construction.

The 2019-2020 Recipients Are:

Isaac Engebretson, LATI – $5,500

Tanner Grosz, LATI – $500

Chase Ladner, MTI – $750

Grant Koerner, MTI – $1,000

Paul Lauck, STI – $1,500

Maria Pazour, LATI – $1,750

Riley Olsen, SDSM&T – $1,250

Mitchell Bohle, NWIFF – $1,000

Taylor Crow, STI – $1,000

Tate Nicolaus, NWCCD – $250

Mitchell Gusso, SDSU – $1,000

Garrett Larson, SDSU – $1,750

Faith Shoemaker, SDSU – $5,500

Jamie Smith, SDSU – $1,250

Tyler Kleinsasser, SDSM&T – $1,250

Erin Severyn, SDSU – $1,750

Cameron Cain, STI – $1,000

Matthias Johnson, STI – $1,000

Christin Wiebe, WDT – $1,000

Robert Liebman, WDT – $1,000

Mindy Castle, SDSM&T – $1,000

Jennifer Wales, SDSM&T – $1,000

Grant Schlaht, MTI – $1,000

Lucas Griebel, MTI – $1,000

Aurora Carnes, LATI – $1000

Conner Deutsch, LATI – $1000

Matthew Scherrer, SDSU – $1,000

Chayce Hall, SDSU – $1,000



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Nolan Pape

Heavy Equipment Operator


Troy Jensen



Heather Hogue

Truck Driver


Noel Larson



Nick Wranek



Hunter Deckert

Assistant Superintendent


Steve Sandman

Safety Director